Video Games Shift From Action to Emotion Makes Them More Education-Friendly

The emotional power of video games is becoming increasingly powerful. This is in part because storytellers are becoming more adept at leveraging what it is games naturally do well.

But it’s also an effect of improving technology. As technology evolves, it’s ambition evolves as well.

Thematically, the video below isn’t much different than typical science fiction that muses about the inevitable intersection of artificial intelligence and humanity. But the interesting twist here is that the video was created as a tech demo by David Cage and Quantic Dream.

Quantic Dream was the genre-busting development team that created video games Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, both games with intense emotion and interactive sequences that allow the player’s decisions to impact the narrative.

But on a larger scale, the shift from action to emotion is an interesting one that will not only capture a wider audience, but make them more natural partners in formal learning environments.

Note that Heavy Rain is rated M for Mature, and the demo video has one or two very mild bits of colorful language/suggestion, so consider your audience.

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