Apps For Learning Spotlight: The Gnome & The Sheep


Apps For Learning: The Gnome & The Sheep (English) (Arabic)

Platform: iOS (Android available soon)

Price: Free

Grade Levels: K-5

Content Area: Reading/Literacy

Developer Description: “Deep in the lush, green forests live the gnome and his sheep, happily, in prosperity. But all that is about to change when the evil dragon finds them and starts stealing the sheep one by one. Help the gnome protect his sheep from the claws of the dragon by choosing what to do next, you’re their only hope! Choose where the story goes and which path it follows by interactively directing the gnome to fend off the dragon in each of the story’s immersive chapters, or else all your sheep become dragon food! Hurry up, the dragon is hungry.”


Apps for Learning Spotlight features select unpaid and paid promotion of apps specifically designed to promote learning experiences.

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