40 Of The Best Learning Apps For Elementary Students


40 Of The Best Elementary Learning Apps For Elementary Students

Looks like this mobile learning thing might actually take off, eh?

Just as we recently looked specifically at some of the best educational apps for iPadnow we give some love specifically to elementary students (and teachers) who have devices and want to separate the digital wheat from the digital chaff.

The following listly collection is an excellent starting point for elementary teachers looking for elementary apps for elementary students in the most elementary way possible: a collection of 38 possibilities. This is a diverse collection of apps, from games to digital media software to math and literacy apps.

Might we recommend Analogies 4 Kids, Explain Everything, and Mathmateer to start? And for pure phonics instruction for the younger elementary students, Phonics Genius and Word Families aren’t bad.

40 Of The Best Elementary Learning Apps For Students

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Image attribution openclipart.org; 38 Of The Best Elementary Learning Apps For Students

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Todd Kominiak

Great list! As we all know, the key to any good ed tech implementation is the teaching strategy behind it. How would you suggest teachers evaluate these apps and incorporate them into their teaching strategy?