12 Of The Best Math Apps For Kids

best-math-apps-for-kids-fi12 Of The Best Math Apps For Kids

by TeachThought Staff

Introducing students to new ideas is a matter of both art and science.

How do you frame the content? How do you stimulate curiosity, or establish a need to know? Which student is ready for what content, and how do you know?

This is all true whether you’re introducing students to concepts (e.g., literary symbolism), or skills (e.g., dividing fractions). One powerful way to introduce students to new ideas is to let them “play” with these ideas. If a coach wanted a baseball player to understand how to swing a bat, he wouldn’t make him watch a PowerPoint. Instead, he’d hand him a bat, watch him swing, and provide him with feedback.

Of course, it’s not that simple with everything (may not make sense to hand a student $1000 to let them “make sense of” financial literacy), but the idea of letting students interact–on their own, as they will–with new ideas make sense. Technology is adept at providing this kind of opportunity. Tablets like the iPad (as well as those from Microsoft and Android) host countless apps (of varying quality) to support this.

In pursuit, we created a collection of 12 of the best math apps for kids–specifically, elementary school students. We focused on the kinds of apps that introduce students to concepts, as well as those that let students practice and progress. Better yet, many are adaptive learning apps, adjusting in difficulty to meet an individual student at their level. Some (e.g., ProdigyGame) also feature dashboards as well for both teachers and students track progress over time.

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12 Of The Best Math Apps For Kids

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