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“Education Dislocates People From Their Natural Talents”

In our well-intended insistence to bring everyone up to “proficiency” via academic “standards,” there is also an automatic reductionism that occurs, whereby all of the known universe is distilled into a script of need to know. While the logic seems sounds–how can we know we’re educating students if we don’t know where the learning should begin or …

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What A Chernobyl Classroom Looks Like 25 Years Later

Creepy/Haunting/whatdoesthishavetodowithinnovativeeducation post time. In April of 1986, the worst nuclear accident in the world’s history occurred in the Ukraine when reactor 4 melted down. While what happened that day–and in that area since–aren’t really our domain, we did find these images of abandoned Chernobyl classroom interesting. And haunting. Image credits: flickr user Timm Suess