27 Things Teachers (Have To) Do Well


27 Things Teachers (Have To) Do Well

by TeachThought Staff

What’s a teacher? What kinds of things should a 21st century be able to do? 

How about with an iPad?

What’s the purpose of school? These are the kinds of questions we like to try to tackle here at TeachThought, as it’s these macro-level questions that can help inform micro-level decisions.

In that line of thinking comes this graphic, which takes a more light-hearted approach to the kinds of things teachers do. We’ve featured Mia Mackmeekin’s graphics in the past, which do a tremendous job of itemizing popular topics that are important to educators.

Graphic: 27 Things Teachers Do Well

1. Talk: We talk to ourselves really well.

2. Show: We show people how to do things really well, too.

3. Host: We host all sorts of end-of-the year parties.

4. React: We are ready to react to any great excuse.

5. Being On Time: We are on time.

6. Cue: We can give great secret cues to be silent.

7. Run: We can run on little food during the day and still be nice.

8. Over Explain: We are really good at over explaining anything.

9. Move Backwards: We are really good at creating anything backward.

10. Jump Ahead:  We can jump ahead of any line and not get in trouble.

11. “Hop”: We can play hopscotch and other games without getting funny looks- as long as it is in the lesson.

12. Skip Ahead: We can skip ahead without even physically moving.

13. Love: We get to love the students around us and then send them home.

14. Finding Time: We always have time to grade work. (Not really but we tell ourselves that.)

15. Off: We are good at getting time off. (Ed note: Are we?)

16. Rally: We can rally any crowd if it gets us out of the classroom.

17. Enjoy: We really do enjoy our job…

18. Sleep: We can operate on very little sleep.

19. Create: We are very creative…in our own unique way.

20. Colorful: We encourage colorful explanations.

21. Work: We work very hard.

22. Share: We share more than most professions.

23. More: We give more to our students more than most people realize.

24. Hugs: We believe that hugs can go a long way.

25. Gather: We can gather together the most random people in one room.

26. Good: We see good deeds every day.

27. Friends: We make friends!

Graphic: 27 Things Teachers Do Well


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