Hurricane Information Index: 50 Resources To Stay Safe During Hurricanes

Hurricane Information Index: 50 Resources To Stay Safe During Hurricanes

by TeachThought Staff

Today is hurricane day on TeachThought, apparently.

In addition to staying safe and preparedness checklists (see below), we’ve also started curating the best/most important resources on staying safe during hurricanes.

Below are 50 of the best resources for hurricanes, including anticipation them, understanding how they work & responding to their various threats, from buoy data and flood maps to explanations of how hurricanes form and how to stay safe in response.

Ed note: This list will be updated on an ongoing basis, especially through the 2017 hurricane season.

Hurricane Information Index: 50 Resources To Understand, Anticipate & Respond To Hurricanes

How To Safe During A Hurricane

6 Hurricane Preparedness Checklists & A Blank Template To Make Your Own

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

How Hurricanes Form (Video)

Quick Explanation of Storm Surges (Video)

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

Category 5 Hurricane Simulation (Video)

The difference between cyclones, tropical storms, and hurricanes

National Hurricane Center Historical Archives

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service Hurricane Safety

Blank Tracking Maps from the NHC

FEMA: How To Stay Safe During A Hurricane

FEMA Current News

Interactive Hurricane Tracker from Accuweather

Hurricane Central on

FEMA Flood Map Service Center: Search By Address

Hurricane Tracker App

Interactive: Historical Hurricane Tracks

In-depth National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Satellite Data for Hurricane Irma

NHC Atlantic Ops twitter

NHC Atlantic Ops site

Twitter: #irma

US Rainfall Map

Twitter: Eric Blake, National Hurricane Center scientist

Twitter: Hurricane Hunters

Twitter: Michael Lowry, FEMA task force lead

Twitter: Ryan Maue, Meteorologist/PhD

National Data Bouy Center for oceanic monitoring & data

Florida Specific Hurricane Resources

Florida Distaster Information via

Florida Topography Data

Florida Land Boundary Information Center

Central Florida Hurricane Center

Florida travel & emergency info: Phone call 511 to find out about construction updates, lane closures, traffic incidents, severe weather reports and Amber Alerts for child abductions

Click here for an album of photos of Hurricane Irma damage. 

50 Resources To Better Understand & Prepare For Hurricanes; Hurricane Information Index: 50 Resources To Stay Safe During Hurricanes

By TeachThought Staff

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