Student-Centered Learning

4 Principles Of Student-Centered Learning


4 Principles Of Student-Centered Learning

by TeachThought Staff

Like any phrase, ‘student-centered learning’ is subjective and only useful insofar as it ultimately supports the design of learning experiences for students.

For example, arguing for a ‘student-centered approach’ to creating curriculum frameworks that center the authentic knowledge needs of each student makes sense, while creating a ‘student-centered’ classroom that gives students little choice in content, voice in product, or a human necessity for creative expression does not. Student-centeredness uses an actual person as an audience, and designs learning experiences backwards from that point.

With that in mind, here are four (of countless) principles of student-centered learning to consider as you design curriculum and instruction.

4 Principles Of Student-Centered Learning

A Definition of Student-Centered Learning

In our view, student-centered learning is a process of learning that puts the needs of the students over the conveniences of planning, policy, and procedure.





Emotionally safe

Cognitively agitating


That honors their history

That stirs their enthusiasm and curiosity (using strategies that cause curiosity)

That they connect with in fundamentally “non-academic” ways

That reflects their needs

That they believe they can impact


In assessment & curriculum forms (e.g., PBL)

That grows as their understanding does

That reflects who they really are

In classroom conversations

In local, national, and global events


In content & priority

In media forms and content distribution

In audiences for their work

In learning strategies, literacy strategies, etc.

In pace & sequence

4 Principles Of Student Centered Learning

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Really master piece ideas and guidelines to make the students create a comfort zone for the better understanding as well as to implement the perfect guidelines for them to choose the subjects along with better place plus voice space for the education curriculum. Great initiatives in deed. Thanks a lot for sharing.

it seems to create a disciplined learning environment to the students

Joe deLarios

I don’t understand how education made it before student centered learning.