Google Yourself Regularly. (Everyone Else Is.)

The advent of the internet–and social media with it–has injected verbs into our vernacular that are not only indicative of their popularity, but their pervasiveness as well.

Googl’ing, Facebook stalking, tweeting, and instagram’ing are not only uses of social media, but culture mechanisms as well.

Unfortunately, they fail to fully disclose our collective inability to control information once it’s become digital.

Issues with identity theft and job loss have been widely reported, making it important to be aware of what kind of information is out there about you. Why?

86% of hiring managers have rejected a candidate as a result of “Googling” them.

81% of millennials Google or Facebook their date before going out.

7 in 10 internet users search online for information about others.

A recent study by Kaplan found that 37% of law school admissions officers report using social networking to “learn more about” students (while only 20% of undergraduate officers admit to doing so).

The infographic below covers this in slightly greater detail, underscoring the need to manage your online reputation carefully.

The Google Yourself Challenge
Infographic source: BackgroundCheck

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